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Lowering the C.G. or Center of Gravity will almost always improve cornering speeds. Some exceptions are when a car is lowered beyond the desire range of suspension geometry. This will cause undesirable camber and toe changes than can and will negate any advantage gained from lowering the vehicle mass.

Depending on the vehicle, the correct way to accomplish the “ride height adjustment” differs – 914’s (all years) are like 911/930 untill 1989 in that the front two torsion bars run longitudinally and are almost infinitely adjustable. If the 11 mm adjusting bolt and cap run out of range, simply jack-up the front, unload the bar, remove the adjusting bolt, slide the rear cap off and recenter it. The rear of 914’s is coil sprung with non-adjustable perches. Struts with threaded barrels are available, however a much less expensive way to do the same would be to purchase threaded tubes. These fit over most struts and [...]

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